Skate Park Archviz – High Resolution Renderings

Here are some samples of higher resolution still images of the Skate Park Archviz project....

Skate Park Archviz – Redshift 3D Renderer

This archviz animation (and stills) was rendered using Redshift 3D Renderer.  Redshift is one of...
  • animated by Shaun Chapman

ShaunCG Delivers TV and Website Animation for FreshCo.

April 2016. ShaunCG recently completed a character animation project for FreshCo., the discount banner of Sobeys...


ShaunCG is operated in Toronto, Canada by Shaun Chapman, a CG/3D Animation Generalist of 25+ years of professional experience.

Contact Shaun at 647-202-0286 or email shaunchap@gmail.com


Shaun expertly delivers many styles of computer graphics and animation using the latest tools, techniques on powerful workstations.


Managing project workflow is critical to keeping costs down and delivering on time. Drawing from his extensive experience, Shaun expertly handles animation projects from job start to finish.

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